Interview with author, S.C. Mitchell

I’m thrilled to host author, Mr. S.C. Mitchell, on my blog today! Not only does, Mr. Mitchell, share a love for romance, he appreciates Norse mythology and Vikings (which hits close to home). Men writing romance is so very exciting. Getting that male perspective… So let’s get to it…


S.C. Mitchell grew up an avid reader of comic books, science fiction, and fantasy literature. He credits his wife with introducing him to the paranormal romance genre. He’s been writing stories for over thirty years. In 2010 he left his job as a computer desktop support specialist to pursue his passion for writing. He is a member of the Romance Writers of America, The Wisconsin Writers Association, and the Writer’s Voice.

Steve lives with his wife of thirty-four years in the wooded northlands of Wisconsin. They have two adult children.

When he’s not writing, Steve enjoys gardening, reading, music and computer gaming.

Be sure to thank your wife for introducing you to romance for us! Let’s get to know Steve a bit more…


What inspired you to become a writer?

The wealth and fame, of course… Seeing my name on the cover of a book. Living the jet-set life and hanging out with movie stars and rock musicians. Yeah, I had a very rich fantasy life. Reality set in, though, when I rolled that first blank piece of paper into my old manual typewriter. (Yup, this was before computers and spell-checkers).

Are you a plotter or pantser?

I’m 100% pantser. I start out with two people and one scene. It’s usually the inciting incident, but in the case of, Son of Thunder, it was just Jord and Meghan on a motorcycle, riding up the Rainbow Bridge to Asgaard. I didn’t even know where the story is going, I just follow along with the characters.

At what age did you write your first novel?

I started writing my first novel when I was 25 years old (33 years ago). Writing on an old, manual typewriter. It was a fantasy, not a romance, and it took me over 15 years to finish. It was, and still is, wretched. I sent it out once, got my first rejection, and gave up writing for years.

What’s it like as a man writing successfully in a genre dominated by women?

I get some curious, and lots of interesting questions, when I tell people who don’t know me what I do. Writers as a whole tend to be a wonderfully accepting people. My local RWA group was welcoming and helpful. I certainly have dues to pay yet, and I probably have to work a bit harder to prove myself to romance readers, but romance is what I love to read and what I’m drawn to write. I’m here to stay.

Do you have a special edge  as a man writing romance?

I probably have a different prospective. It does give me a bit of an edge when writing the male viewpoint, of course. I am currently in the process of writing a joint romance with another author. She’s writing all the female viewpoint chapters and sections, and I’m writing the male. I think the book is going to be something special.

I have worked hard to understand and reflect the female perspective, but as a man there are some things, obviously, that I can never experience for myself. My wife has been an incredible help in that area.


What is the most romantic place you’ve ever been?

My in-laws have a cabin in the woods on a small lake. It’s where my wife and I spent a good part of our honeymoon (35 years ago). There’s just something right about being there with a cup of strong coffee on a crisp autumn morning, loons gliding across the quiet water, the stillness of nature around me, and my wife in my arms.

Name your favorite real-life hero or fictional hero… How have they influenced your life?

As a kid I was a huge fan and collector of comic books. My all time favorite hero was Cyclops of the X-Men. He had to wear glasses when he wasn’t in his costume. I’ve worn glasses since I was 5 years old, so I think I tended to identify with him right away. He was never the star, just a good team player. Not the ‘alpha male’ type, like Wolverine. Cyclops is tough, but also an overall good guy. In the end…he did get the girl.

I think that’s the kind of heroes I write. A tough exterior, but a pretty good, decent guy inside. A guy that knows and does the right thing, many times to his own detriment.

Name your favorite books from childhood and adulthood.

My early reading was very fantasy/science fiction based. I moved from comics into Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories, the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. A big, early influence was Anne McCaffrey. She wrote paranormal/science fiction romance before it was even a genre, so she ended up in the science fiction section of my local library.

Nora Roberts was my first ‘real’ romance (you never forget your first). My wife handed me, Enchanted, one day and said, “I think you’d like this.” Yeah, I did… After that I found Sherrilyn Kenyon and her Dark Hunters and I was hooked on the genre.

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned from your journey as a writer?

It doesn’t happen overnight. The kid that sat down thirty three years ago to write a book finally published his first novel last February. I gave up on writing more times than I can count. But I was always drawn back into to it because of the stories I needed to tell. I don’t think the real reward is the success, or even the money. It’s being able to tell those stories that bubble up inside you and beg to be told.

Thanks for sharing what makes you tick as a writer… Sounds like you have a wonderful support system at home (which all writers need to be a success).

Steve’s latest project is, Son of Thunder

Son of thunder

The man looked like a god. Then again, he was one. . .

Jord Thorson was a god– the son of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. In his search to find his missing father, Jord seeks out the mortal, Meghan Larson, who is in possession of his only clue–Megingjörð, Thor’s magical belt of power.

But when the belt decides to take matters into its own hands, locking itself around Meghan’s waist, Jord and Meghan are plunged into the middle of a massive conflict that rages across the heavens.

Giants, magical artifacts, and a golden city in the clouds weren’t exactly what Meghan Larson expected when that amazing belt arrived at her museum. Now Megingjörð is stuck around her waist and talking to her in her head. She’s got to be dreaming, but with the wonders around her and hunky Jord Thorson at her side, Meghan’s not sure she wants to wake up.

You can get to know Steve better and explore his  projects at the following websites…




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Thanks for stopping by, Steve…

18 thoughts on “Interview with author, S.C. Mitchell

  1. This honeymoon spot on the lake is simply gorgeous. I’d make it a practice to visit it every year!

  2. scmitchell says:

    Thank you for inviting me to join you today, Violetta.

  3. karen lopp says:

    Fun post, I was fun to get to know you better.

  4. C.D. Hersh says:

    We know what you mean about the male perspective. When Catherine first handed me that romance she thought I’d enjoy I said the man was a wimp. After several false starts and some years of writing plays togather we finally came up with our series The Turning Stone Chronicles. The first book Promised One is due out in June. We have a lot of fun writing as a husband and wife team. The characters have the female and male perspective. It’s good to know there’s another male out there interested in the romance stories.
    Donald of
    CD Hersh
    (Catherine & Donald)
    COMING SUMMER OF 2013 from Soul Mate Publishing The Turning Stone Chronicles – Promised One by CD Hersh

  5. C.D. Hersh says:

    Great interview. Nice to hear the male perspective in romance.

  6. C.D. Hersh says:

    Try second time. Nice to hear about another male writing romance. Donald of CDHersh

  7. Hi Steve,
    I think it’s so neat to have a guy writing romance…and such good stuff too.
    I’ll be in Madison, Wisconsin the middle of May. Never been there before.

    • scmitchell says:

      Hi Collette, and thanks for stopping by. I like to think I can bring a different perspective to the genre. Time will tell. I’m quite a ways north of Madison, but let me know when you’re going to be there, maybe we could meet for lunch or something.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful read, Steve, and I have to say, from my female perspective, the cover looks awesome!

    • scmitchell says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by Valerie. I hope you enjoy it. I had the cover in my mind all during the time I was writing the book. I was so pleased at how it turned out. It’s just as I pictured it.

  9. I hear you on the giving up, Steve. I’m quite practised at it by now. 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one who took in excess of 15 years to write their first novel. Still, it demonstrates staying power!

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