Childhood Dreams – Corpus Christi, Texas…



I was lucky enough to grow up in a place where my imagination ran wild. Miles and miles of untamed beach wilderness. Emerald waves. Sand dunes with buried treasure. Hurricanes. Fierce thunder storms. Magnificent sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. Sweltering heat. I ran half-naked and barefoot—bronzed—resembling a curly-haired wilding instead of someone’s child. My fondest memories are there, buried in the sand. Carried off by the tides.


sand dunes


Funny how a place can root itself so deeply in your heart.

Sometimes I can still smell the salt air and hear the mournful calls of the gulls. I miss it. Pure and simple. My mind wanders back there whenever I seek inner peace.




All my firsts happened in Corpus Christi…

My first best friend (Kelly). My first love. My first dance. My first heartbreak. My first job.




Someday, when my bones are too old and brittle to withstand the cold of, Alaska, I hope, Corpus Christi, will then become my last…

My last stop.

Where I take my last breath and remember everything that made it the special place it’s always been.


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2 thoughts on “Childhood Dreams – Corpus Christi, Texas…

  1. Dan says:

    I always enjoyed the coast and watching thunderstorms roll in.

  2. Me too, Dan. Thanks for stopping by.

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