Interview with author/editor Char Chaffin…

Alright everyone, brace yourselves for the enigmatic and humorous Char Chaffin. She doesn’t put much stock in astrological signs, but something tells me she’s very much the roaring lioness (Leo). Let’s see what’s going on with her today…
Char Chaffin

Char Chaffin writes mainstream and contemporary romance filled with family, rich characters, and engaging plots. For her, it all comes back to the love.

From crafting Victorian-style poetry to writing short stories and novellas, Char finally settled on romance novels as her true passion. Over the years she worked a variety of jobs, from farm hand to costume designer to fiscal accountant, before deciding a writing career was her desired focus.

In addition to writing, Char is also an Acquisitions Editor for Soul Mate Publishing.

A displaced Alaskan, Char currently divides her time between an Upstate NY, sixty-acre farm with husband Don and rat terrier Daisy Mae, and Fairbanks. Their extended family is scattered all over the Lower Forty-Eight and Alaska.

When she’s not pounding away at her keyboard, sneaking away to the Last Frontier, or burying her nose in books and her beloved Kindle, she tends a huge vegetable garden and helps Don maintain their farm.

Sounds like a wonderful and busy life… I’m partial to Alaska.

What inspired you to become a writer?

My husband, Don. He encouraged me to write something more than chatty letters to the family (so I tried writing a short story), then encouraged me to write something longer than a short story (so I wrote a novel). Then he talked me into joining RWA and going to my first regional conference. And he gave me the confidence needed to pitch my first book. Would I have tried to become a writer on my own? Probably not! I needed his foot in my arse to get myself motivated. J

Are you a plotter or panster?

I’m a plotter. I can’t write by the seat of my pants; I’m too strong an editor for that kind of impulsiveness. I tried NaNoWriMo once, and it was a disaster. Write a book in a month? Yeah, right.  J

At what age did you write your first novel?

Oh, let’s see… age fifty. Before then, it never occurred to me that I could.


What is the most romantic place you’ve ever been?

My bedroom.

Hmmmm, that explains a few things…

Name your favorite real-life hero or fictional hero… How have they influenced your life?

I’m married to my favorite real-life hero. And there isn’t an area of my life that he hasn’t influenced. J As for fictional, I’m pretty partial to Superman.

Name your favorite books from childhood and adulthood.

When I was a child, I didn’t read children’s books. I read horror and science-fiction from a young age. I read Alfred Hitchcock when I was eight; Ray Bradbury when I was ten. Edgar Rice Burroughs when I was eleven and by twelve I had read everything Ian Fleming had written up to that point in his life. My favorite? From childhood, definitely James Bond. As an adult, I read just about everything, from horror to paranormal to erotica. About the only genre I don’t read is inspirational. Right now I don’t have a favorite, because everything I read is my favorite, until I move on to the next book.

What’s your astrological sign? Do you fit the characteristics associated with it? How?

I’m a Leo, but I have never put much stock in astrology other than an amusing look now and then at what is supposed to make up a Leo. I probably wouldn’t write a character based on an astrological sign.

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned from your journey as a writer?

That nothing is a given and writing is hard work. That I have chosen one of the most competitive fields in the world to fall into, and that I have no choice in the matter. That I enjoy being an editor as much as I enjoy writing, and that I have to do both jobs together, or else feel incomplete.

Lightening Round

Favorite Color:  Purple

Favorite Actor/Actress:  Actually, I don’t have one, but I will say I like actors better than actresses. I also like male singers/groups better than female, but that’s another story.  J

Favorite Movie: An American Werewolf in London

Favorite century and why?:  I don’t have a favorite. Each historical era has its own allure and fascination. I’m very partial to time travel, however. I like to hop around. J

Favorite Food:  Pizza.

Least favorite vegetable:  Mushrooms, though they’re more of a fungus. Foul toadstools. Yuck!

First boyfriend/How old?/Why did you like him?:

His name was Joe and I met him in the first grade. I liked him because he held my hand and kissed me on the cheek during recess. We lost track of each other and then reconnected in high school, and dated off and on until graduation.

Describe yourself in 5 words:

Anal. Creative. Humorous. Loving. Tough.

Char’s featured book is Unsafe Haven…

Unsafe Haven

The catch…

For Kendall Martin, a small, remote village in Southwest Alaska seems like a good place to start over. On the run from an abusive relationship, she leaves everything familiar behind and begins a new life as owner of a small souvenir and sportsman trading post in picturesque Staamat.

Denn Nulo knows everyone in town: he’s the Chief of Police in Staamat. He’s lived there all his life, except for his college years, spent in Anchorage. Originally planning on practicing criminal law and living in Anchorage permanently, Denn is forced to change his plans when he receives word that his widowed mother has passed away, leaving his young sister, Luna, alone. Denn comes back to Staamat to care for Luna.

When Kendall meets Denn, she begins to believe there are truly good men in the world. Denn is everything she wants: strong, loving, dedicated to family, protective . . . and patient. There is instant attraction between them, but Kendall is leery of men, and Denn craves a serious relationship that includes marriage and children. Their courtship is a conflicting mix of hesitancy and passion, with Luna, desperately needing a mother figure in her life, cheering them on.

As Kendall learns how to trust again and her romance with Denn grows more intense, a local woman who’s had her eye on Denn for years releases a torrent of damaging jealousy . . . and the nightmare from Kendall’s past discovers where she’s hidden herself.

Sounds intriguing.

A sneak peak inside…

A hand gently shook Kendall’s shoulder. “Sweetheart, I have to go.”

She came awake with a start and peered up at Denn through the tangled curls that hung in her face. He regarded her somberly, but his eyes gleamed in the shadowy room.

Kendall cleared her throat. “What time is it?”

“After ten. We both fell asleep.” He sat beside her, threaded his fingers through her hair and brushed it back, skimming a knuckle over her cheek. “You’ve got wrinkles.”

“What?” Still groggy from sleep, she struggled to sit upright and pressed her hand to her face. “What wrinkles? I’m only twenty-three, I shouldn’t have wrinkles.” She pushed against him. “Let me up, I need a mirror, I need to see–”

“From the cushion, Kendall.” He pointed to the pleated pillow she’d had her face buried in. He chuckled softly when she frowned at him. “You always this gullible when you wake up?”

“You’re just mean.” She punched his shoulder weakly and he caught her hand and pulled her close. With a sigh, she settled into the curve of his body. “I’m sorry I fell asleep on you.”

“No biggie. Besides, I conked out on you, too.” He nuzzled her ear, warm breath tinged with a trace of the coffee they’d shared after dinner. “I liked sleeping with you.”

Her face flamed and she hid it against him. “I’ve never slept with anyone before.”

A soft groan rumbled in his throat. “Don’t tell me that. I’m already having a hard enough time leaving you.” He cupped the back of her head and brought her closer. “I’m your first?”

“Sort of.” She eased away, but met his eyes. “You’re the first man I’ve ever slept with, but you’re not the first I’ve ever . . .” She gestured, finding the words too embarrassing to say. “You know.”

“Made love with? But we haven’t. Not completely.” He kissed her, then murmured against her lips, “Not yet.” His kiss deepened passionately when she clung to him.

As their lips parted, she dropped her forehead to his chest and struggled to regain her breath. No one had ever affected her this way. He’d given her more pleasure than she’d ever had. And with the realization of what he’d come to mean to her, came the surety that if she’d known Denn Nulo would someday enter her life, she’d have waited for him. She whispered it aloud.

Her eyes closed over sudden tears as his arms tightened in response. “When the time’s right, you’ll give me innocence, Kendall. Never doubt it.”

Where to find Unsafe Haven


Soul Mate Publishing:

Book Trailer:

It’s been a pleasure Char, please visit us again.

37 thoughts on “Interview with author/editor Char Chaffin…

  1. Becky Lower says:

    Nice interview,Char. I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska. Maybe just reading your book will help until I can get there myself…

  2. Thanks so much for having me, Violetta! It was fun exposing myself. ::ha::

  3. donnas1013 says:

    Give my thanks to Don – and let me know when the next one is coming!

  4. Great interview, ladies. I LOVED Unsafe Haven. And yes, I would describe you as ‘tough’ also. Hehe. Thank goodness you are.

  5. Char, great interview. Can’t wait to read Unsafe Haven! I loved The American Werewolf in London as well, but that movie scared the pants off me. I think because it was both funny and horrifying. Much like real life can be sometimes when something scares me enough.

  6. jodi vaughn says:

    Char, great interview! I’m putting Unsafe Haven on my Kindle today!
    Can’t wait to read it!

  7. ginadanna says:

    Char I love your interview! Fun to learn more about you than our mutual likes LOL. Unsafe Haven sounds like a great read – on my TBR group!

  8. Jae Awkins says:

    Great interview! Hope that family (grandaughter :o) in Fairbanks is doing well! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Janis Lane says:

    Superman is my very fav character. I wanted to grow up to be Lois Lane. Met a pilot in Alaska and even tho he needed a plane, he did fly. I thought, close enuff and married him. Good luck. Can’t wait to read your story.
    Janis Lane

  10. Love the interview, ladies, and what a neat excerpt. So sweet. Good luck, Char.

  11. Maura Troy says:

    Great interview, Char. Thank goodness for Don’s strategic placing of his foot! You and I share a love of An American Werewolf in London, but we part ways on mushrooms – I love ’em! LOL!

    Unsafe Haven sounds fantastic and I am looking forward to reading it. 🙂

    • Hi Maura! So we’re sisters-of-the-horror but you still put toadstools in your mouth. :;shudder:: Nevertheless I owe you a big LaLaLa hug next week! Thanks for stopping by –

  12. Such a great post! Chat, I had no idea you were an editor too! Can’t wait to get my hands on Unsafe Haven 🙂

  13. Great interview Char. It was so much fun getting a glimpse your world.

  14. Fabulous interview, Char! I love your answer to the most romantic place you’ve ever been 🙂

  15. Loved the interview, ladies! I think it’s wonderful your real-life hero husband encouraged you and gave you that nudge to go down the writing path. Looking forward to Unsafe Haven!

  16. Fun interview, thanks to you both! I wonder if not believing much in astrology is a characteristic of Leos! 🙂

  17. DeNise says:

    Thanks you two, It was fun to get to know Char better.

  18. JoRichardson says:

    So glad I caught this! Great interview Char! Big love, woman.

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