Interview with author Liza O’Connor

I’m thrilled to have the vivacious Ms. Liza O’Connor here today. She’s adventurous and has a wonderful sense of humor.  Let’s get to know her a bit…

Liza lives in Denville, NJ with her dog, Jess. She hikes every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels.
What an exciting life, Liza!
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Name your favorite books from childhood and adulthood.

I was raised by feral cats, so I don’t think I had any books as a child. However, as a New Adult I began to read all the classics, which I could buy the paperback versions cheap at a local bookstore. I became so enchanted with Pride and Prejudice that I practically memorized the book. So it will always be my favorite book.

What inspired you to become a writer?

I think writing helps me resolve so many feral cat and bad boyfriend issues. Unlike real life, I have some control over my stories, albeit not as much as I want. My characters are always wandering off in a different direction than I initially planned, but that’s normally because they just can’t walk in the direction I wanted. I have that problem in Worst Week Ever. My hero is a bad boy, and give the stress of this week, he cannot change his behavior enough to truly qualify as a satisfying romantic lead. Thus, I call this first book a humorous romance disaster. Yes, Carrie falls in love with him, but that may the worst thing that happens in her Worst Week Ever. Or is it?  I don’t know. But she has two more books in the series to sort matters out.

Are you a plotter or panster?

I come from a family of actors and watched my mother create such vivid and different characters on stage…and in real life from my early years on. I actually remember watching her be strangled to death when I was around five. I was shocked to find her alive when Dad took me back stage.  Naturally, I spent my early years on the stage as well, but once I got out of college, writing was much easier to do than getting a part on stage.  Creating a 3 dimensional character is the first thing I do when I start a book. Once they are real, I try to nudge them in a certain direction and scribe the results.

At what age did you write your first novel?

I recall vividly telling stories about siblings being eaten by giant spiders and alligators, swearing them true, before I started school. The reason I remember is because it cost me some friends. Their parents didn’t realize I was a budding author and just thought me a fabricator of lies.

What is the most romantic place you’ve ever been?

New Zealand. The rain forest and mountains are breathtaking. There are beaches galore, Tropical up north and arctic-like down south. As any Hobbit will tell you, it is paradise.

What is the most dangerous place you’ve ever been?

That would be a toss- up between Australia and New Zealand. Both cater to the high risk adventures.  In Worst Week Ever, one of my characters looks forward to some after-near-death sex.  I know exactly what that is. I spent four months in Australia and New Zealand risking my life. But now my characters have so much more they can do.

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned from your journey as a writer?

Up until the moment I set out to actually publish, I had no hardships. Writing was a pure joy.

Turns out, writing is the easy part.

Getting published is a challenge. Publishing firms have a sense to what sells. So if you color too far outside the lines, they brand you unmarketable. If you lack a unique voice and have a story too much like others, then you don’t stand out and they may refuse you as well. I’m always surprised when they pick up my books because I definitely color outside of the lines.

However, the really hard part is marketing.  Here’s a hard truth. Writing a great book will not make you a best seller. However, brilliantly marketing your great book will make it a best seller.

But that is a time consuming and ever changing job. However, if you are happy and contented and in your comfort zone, then you probably aren’t doing it right.

Liza’s latest release is Worst Week Ever…

Worst Week Ever_1600x2400

What do you get when you put a hardworking, can-do middle-class young woman together with an egoistical, outrageous, billionaire boss, then throw in the worst week of disasters imaginable?

Book 1 of the 3 book series, A Long Road to Love

Worst Week Ever


Trent Lancaster spends one month without his Executive Assistant, or as his drivers refers to Carrie: ‘Trent’s brain, left hand, and right hand’. He’s had a miserable month without her at his side and to ensure it never happens again, he intends to marry his brilliant beauty. Only given all the times he’s threatened to fire her, he’s not sure she even likes him. However, the future of his company and his happiness depend upon him succeeding, so Trent begins a slow one week seduction that happens to coincide with Carrie’s Worst Week Ever when everything that can go wrong does so in hilarious form.

(Hilarious to the reader–Carrie is not having much fun this week.)

Sounds so fun… Here’s a look inside.

Carrie squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the thump of a body against the limo’s hood.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have insisted Sam take a shortcut,” Trent muttered beneath his breath.

She groaned softly. If her boss questioned his actions, then matters must look grim outside. She tensed even further, expecting to hear multiple bodies slam into the car.

Sam braked hard, turned right, and resumed driving a billion miles an hour. If not for the seat belts, she and Trent would’ve sailed into the front seat, and then plastered against the door. To secure her further, Trent protectively placed an arm around her shoulder and pulled her against his warm chest.

She focused on the thumping of his heart. It beat once to three of hers. God, how can he be so calm?

Determined to match his bravery, she tried to raise her head, but he wouldn’t let her.

“Just a little longer, I hope. Sam, when do we depart this third world country?”

“Two more blocks, sir.”

“Thank God. You’ve terrified poor Carrie to death.”

Instantly, the limo’s speed dropped.

She turned her head sideways so Sam might be able to hear her words. “Your driving doesn’t frighten me, Sam, the neighborhood does.”

As if on cue, a round of three loud pops sounded, followed by three thunks into her side door. She squeaked like a mouse at the first thunk. By the third, her body shivered in fear.

Trent’s arms tightened around her as the limo picked up speed again. “We’re okay,” he assured her, then his lips pressed against her temple. His calm certainty silenced her tremors.

Having successfully soothed her, he released his outrage upon Sam. “Why the hell did you drive us through here?”

Sam calmly replied as he drove the car at a billion miles an hour, taking corners at deadly speeds. “I warned you the locals might not welcome us.”

“Someone just shot at us?” Trent yelled.

Sam’s nonchalant reply sounded almost surreal. “I’m sure they didn’t mean for you to take it personally, sir.”

Maybe none of this is happening. Maybe I fell asleep in the traffic and my dream has gone rogue.

Her heart calmed and she nuzzled closer to Trent, breathing in his masculine scent. Secure in her dream, she confessed something she never would in real life. “You smell good.”

Trent’s arms relaxed a bit and he chuckled. “It’s called Trent. I had the cologne custom developed. They assessed my natural odors and then determined the optimal combination of scents to create my unique smell.”

She snorted. Even in her dreams, he remained the strangest man she’d ever met. If she had all the money in the world, she’d try to end poverty and violence in…whatever hell they’d just driven through, not have some custom designed perfume created so she’d smell really, really good.

Where to get it…

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Thanks for sharing your time Liza.

6 thoughts on “Interview with author Liza O’Connor

  1. lizaoconnor says:

    V- Thanks for having me on your wonderful site. It’s quite lovely here. I hope your readers will enjoy my book. It’s getting mostly 5 stars reviews which surprises me because I colored soooooo outside of the lines and created a humorous Disaster Romance instead of a Sweet Romance. Maybe I should start a new genre…

  2. Chuckling about the scent. My son and his roommate have patented and are marketing “author” scents. Great interview!

  3. bn100 says:

    Sounds like a nice place to visit

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

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