Guest Post/Interview with Author Tina Susedik

Let me start by saying how fabulous Ms. Susedik is… She writes history books, which in my opinion, earns her scribe status. She also pens romance novels which makes her a goddess . We’re parting ways with the formatted interview today. Let’s get to know Tina…




I didn’t start reading romance until I was in my early twenties and pregnant with my first child. For some reason, my brother thought I would like The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss and told me to read it (evidently he was stuck in the bathroom longer than he anticipated, and the only reading material was Woodiwiss’ book). It got him hooked on reading romance. Anyway, I was hooked, too. I’d always hated history (which is ironic now since I also write history books), but the way she weaved history within a story was fascinating, and I grew to love it.

I started writing in my early thirties. One of our family’s many moves left me without a job. I answered an ad for The Institute of Children’s Literature and entered a story. I learned a lot from the class, and the stories in my head became more involved and lifelike. I began creating stories from pictures on cereal boxes to billboards. I kept pen and paper by my bed so I could write down my dreams. I drove my family and friends crazy when I would interrupt a conversation to jot down some ideas.


pen and paper


One of my favorite places to come up with story lines is in restaurants while watching people interact with one another. My husband even gets into it, I guess I don’t give him much choice when I ask him, “So what do you think they’re talking about?” Or, “Look how they’re sitting away from each other – what do you think their problem is?” “That waitress looks sad. Do you think she’s about to lose her job? Or maybe her boss is hitting on her.” We can come up with some pretty bizarre scenarios. I have more story ideas written on napkins and have asked many waiters to borrow a pen. I don’t like to carry a purse, so I never have pen and paper on me. On trips we play a game called, “Hey, Mom, guess what job I got for the summer?” This came up when we watched a young man sweeping up horse piles on an island that doesn’t allow cars or trucks.

I wrote my first romance in 1994, you know, one of those “hide and keep under the bed or in the closet” types. I recently pulled it out and ouch. Thank goodness my writing has improved over the years. One of the things I have found myself doing over the years (especially after editing my books for publication) is that I’m editing as I read other books. I even do this while reading books to my grandchildren.  I keep telling myself to just read the darn book, but the editing button in my brain won’t shut off. I’ve even found myself re-writing – gasp – double gasp – Nora Roberts. As I’m reading I also try to figure out how the author constructed a sentence or paragraph that makes it so interesting.

Riding for Love was published May 1, 2013 with Soul Mate Publishing. It’s my first romance to be published. I also have seven history books in print. On one, I’m not listed as a contributing author, but I helped re-write, organize, set up the book, and help it get printed. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to work on a project and not have my name on the cover.  I have another book with a publisher that I’m waiting to hear back on. I’m also going to contribute to Soul Mate’s Christmas Anthology. It will be a challenge writing 6,000 words as opposed to 80,000, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Sounds like you’re going to be very busy for the rest of 2013. And Tina, may I suggest you carry pen and paper in a pocket? LOL.

Ms. Susdedik’s latest release is Riding for Love…


Riding for Love Cover


Eve Dayton, owner of a riding ranch, rose above her childhood past and overcame the emotional damage her boyfriend caused when he married another woman. When someone starts sabotaging her ranch, Eve is desperate to find the culprit before she loses everything. Is it a coincidence or is the return of Denton Johanson tied to the mystery?

Divorced Denton Johanson returns to his hometown to help convict the embezzling controller of the family business. When he runs into Eve, he realizes his feelings for her are still strong enough to try and win her back. His fear of horses won’t get in the way of his goal and decides the only way to be near her is to take riding lessons from her. Can he convince her that his love is real and he is not behind the mystery surrounding the ranch?

I love the storyline!

Here’s an excerpt…

“Darn. I’m late.” Eve grabbed her mug of coffee and the clipboard with her notes for the day. “I’m never late. Ever. This is what happens when you let a man get under your skin.” She jogged across the driveway to the barn. The clients weren’t due for another half an hour, but she wanted to meet with Tom early to go over her notes once more to make sure the horses matched the riders.

Her steps slowed as she entered the barn. Tom was talking to one of the employees at the other end of the barn. Since he didn’t immediately notice her, she took her time walking through the building, making sure the tack was all in place according to horse, helmets and riding sticks hung in order of size, horses back in their stalls from the field, and no stray horse droppings or straw littered the barn floor.

As she passed the row of licenses showing their employees were qualified as riding instructors, and she and Tom owners, he turned and waved her over.

“So how did your evening go last night, sweetheart? You danced quite a bit with Denton.”

“Yeah.” She batted her eyes at her friend. “You didn’t have anything to do with it would you, honeybunch?”

Tom laughed, threw an arm around her shoulders, and gave her a hug. “Ah, busted.” He kissed her forehead. “He’s not so bad, you know, Eve. He’s made some mistakes, and I believe he sincerely regrets them. But if he does anything to hurt you again, he’ll find himself lying in a pile of manure, face first.”

Eve grimaced at the image. “Well, I hate to say you’re right, but I did have a good time. I forgot how easy it is to talk to him. Besides, he can’t hurt me if I don’t let him.” She slid the clipboard from under her arm and started flipping through pages. “That doesn’t mean I’m still not mad at him. It’s going to take more than a few dances to get me into his good graces.”

“Give him a run for his money?”

“Yeah,” she muttered, glancing at her watch. “Now, let’s compare notes before our subjects arrive.”

For the next few minutes they walked companionably through the barn looking at stock, comparing horse sizes, and temperaments to clients. The stable of twenty-five horses ranged from duns to piebalds to grays and Appaloosas and included a few ponies for younger riders. Eve loved them all.

Where to find it…

A bit more about Tina’s life…

Tina has been married for over forty years and lives in Wisconsin. After careers in accounting and teaching (not necessarily at the same time), she found her career in writing is what fulfills her the most. When not writing, she loves camping, hiking, photography, reading and playing with her five grandchildren.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Wisconsin Romance Writers of America.

Where to find her…


Twitter: @tinasusedik

Soul Mate Author’s Page:


Thanks for hosting me Violetta.
We hope you’ll come back and visit again. Happy Friday all.

3 thoughts on “Guest Post/Interview with Author Tina Susedik

  1. Wonderful post ladies!
    I loved Riding For Love, Tina!

  2. Oh, Tina, you made me laugh out loud with your rewriting Nora Roberts comment. Editing others is a hazard of writing. Good luck with your book.

  3. Got to write this comment fast because my computer keeps dying on me! Great interview. I’d love to read some of your history books, Tina. My husband was a history teacher. I love that you and your husband work out scenarios together. Yay! I think I made it. Can’t wait to read your book!

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