Interview with writing team Catherine and Donald Hersh, better known as C.D. Hersh…

How often do you see a married couple collaborate on writing projects? This is a first for me. I’m excited to host this wonderfully talented couple today. Catherine and Donald are inspirational. They share a loving relationship and enjoy working together. Let’s see what they’re up to…


I just love the photo…

What inspired you to collaborate on a writing project as husband and wife?

 Our collaborative writing started when our drama director asked us to write a play for the upcoming Christmas project the church was planning. That project turned out to be an interactive, walk-through drama with over one hundred characters. From that we did some skits and even have a couple of plays, radio shows and musical dramas WIP.

We really got to doing romance novels because of one Catherine gave to Donald. As he read it, he said no man would act like or say what that character said. He said we could do better, and we started looking for ideas.

Any challenges working together?

Besides trying to see the computer screen at the same time, which has now been worked out with two screens in Donald’s office, there was just learning to be able to talk about the characters and story line without taking it personally. Now we can say, “That sucks,” and neither one of us is offended.

What’s your favorite moment while writing this book together?

Our favorite moments were all the road trips we took while plotting this book. Parts were done in Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Texas, courtesy of Donald’s business trips.

What’s your favorite line(s) from this new story?

We have several favorites from a Scottish character who speaks in proverbs. Such as, “Ye can’t just put your hand intae the creel, lassie, and take yer choice o’ flounders.”

Who’s had the greatest influence on your writing careers?

At my uncle’s 90th birthday party, when we were talking with him about writing when Donald retired, he said we should just go for it now. We took his advice and the rest is history.


Where’s the most romantic vacation spot you’ve been together?

Wawasee Lake in Indiana, where you can see a full sky of stars on an evening stroll arm-in-arm along the lake, listening to the sounds of the evening.

Favorite meal?

The one we eat the most at home is baked taliapia with roasted brussel sprouts. When we eat out we like just about anything on the menu.

Favorite books?

We read in a wide variety of genres. Donald enjoys mysteries like Sherlock Holmes where the reader gets to try and figure out the answer along with the character. Catherine likes fantasy like the Lord of the Rings. And of course, there’s romance.

Share the best lesson(s) you’ve learned in life.

You can’t fix everything. Catherine’s a fixer. And don’t take life too seriously because no one gets out alive.

Anything else you’d like to share?

We’re working on book two of The Turning Stone Chronicles and have contracts for the second and third books with Soul Mate Publishing. No release dates yet, but they will probably be out next year.

Catherine and Donald’s latest release is The Promised One – The Turning Stone Chronicles…


Here’s the hook…

In the wrong hands, the Turning Stone ring is a powerful weapon for evil. So, when homicide detective Alexi Jordan discovers her secret society mentor has been murdered and his magic ring stolen, she is forced to use her shape-shifting powers to catch the killer. By doing so, she risks the two most important things in her life—her badge and the man she loves.

Rhys Temple always knew his fiery cop partner and would-be-girlfriend, Alexi Jordan, had a few secrets. He considers that part of her charm. But when she changes into a man, he doesn’t find that as charming. He’ll keep her secret to keep her safe, but he’s not certain he can keep up a relationship—professional or personal.

Danny Shaw needs cash for the elaborate wedding his fiancée has planned, so he goes on a mugging spree. But when he kills a member of the secret society of Turning Stones, and steals a magic ring that gives him the power to shape shift, Shaw gets more than he bargained for.

I appreciate the shape shifting aspect … I wonder what I’d change into. Knowing me, a cat or NFL quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.  🙂

Here’s an excerpt…

Slipping the key fob into his pocket, his hand touched the two rings. At least he had those. The diamond glittered in the harsh overhead light. Going to the window, he scraped the edge of the stone on the glass. No mark.

“Useless piece of shit!” He threw the ring across the room. She’d said the other ring was costume jewelry, but people weren’t willing to die for costume jewelry.

He rotated the ring in his hand. The stone, green with three iridescent lines of red running through it, set so smooth he could barely tell where the stone ended and metal began.

Heavy. Solid. Could be gold.

Inside the ring’s band was an inscription. Peering closer, he read the words out loud. “Fear bean beathach tri an aon.” What the hell did that mean?

The ring warmed in his hand. A tingle ran through his arm, raising gooseflesh over him. Shaw spun the ring around so the stone faced him. The red lines started swirling, forming a circle, and then another, until three circles lay entwined in the center of the dark green stone. He blinked to clear his vision. The stone glowed softly.

The tingling in his arm intensified then shot to his torso. He clutched his chest.

Heart attack!

He staggered across the room and fell into a kitchen chair, the pain doubling him over as he remembered his victim’s dying words. Cursed. Maybe he was cursed. First the lousy take on the mugging and now this.

With shaking fingers, he fumbled in his jean’s pocket for his cell phone. After the second attempt, the phone slid out. He flipped it open. The keys blurred, his vision tripled. He groped the keypad. 911. Where were the freaking numbers?

Another pain knifed his chest.

Shit! I’m gonna die! The ring clattered to the floor.

Then, as quickly as it had come, the pain left.

Straightening, Shaw drew in a ragged breath, waiting for the next attack. When none came, he gingerly laid his hand over his heart. Beneath his quivering hand, his heart beat steady and strong. Slowly, he sat upright, his breath shallow, his nerves strung out like a heroin addict in withdrawal. Was it over?

He rose to his feet, expecting his knees to buckle. Instead, he stood firmly. Not shaking. Not trembling. Aside from the way his skin felt, all crawly and tender and clammy, he seemed to be okay.

He was alive. Carefully, he crossed to where the ring had landed. He’d probably have to sell it for money to get checked out, because Lulu would make him visit a doctor the minute she knew what happened. Retrieving the ring, he started to pocket it, then decided against it. If it fell out he’d have nothing for his effort.

The cold metal warmed instantly against his skin as he slipped the ring on his finger. Shaw looked at the ring. Those lines had moved within the stone and formed circles. He was certain of that. Where were the circles now? He stared at the stone, filled with trepidation, waiting for . . . What? Another heart attack?

Slowly, he let his breath out, unaware, until then, that he’d been holding it. He rotated the ring on his finger until the stone touched the palm of his hand. His pulse quickened, blood thrumming through him. After what he’d been through, he should be weak and helpless. Instead, he felt invincible.

Opening his hand, he stared at the ring. He’d survived a heart attack. That was a blessing, not a curse. And he’d keep the heart attack a secret. Hell, what Lulu didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.

Maybe he’d keep the ring, too.

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11 thoughts on “Interview with writing team Catherine and Donald Hersh, better known as C.D. Hersh…

  1. I am still amazed that you write as a team and do such a fabulous job of it!

  2. […] excited to announce our first guest interview at A Splash of Romance in Your Life blog, along with an excerpt from book one of our recently released paranormal romance series The […]

  3. C.D. Hersh says:

    Thanks, Collette. We certainly have a lot of fun with this job.

  4. How wonderful that you have such a great working relationship, besides your relationship-relationship!

  5. Tracey Reid says:

    Wow! The excerpt is really good….I can”‘t wait to read the entire book! Kudos to both of you for writing together! You must be a really grounded couple!

  6. Barbara Lohr says:

    Could I ask how you divide the writing? The idea of co-writing seems complex! How do you work that?

    • C.D. Hersh says:

      We have done this several different ways over the years, sometimes writing together line by line with one typing as we each suggest lines. (Which is how we’re writing this reply.) What works the best for us is first talking out the general plot lines for our book and how they interweave. Yes, plural lines as we have two. We then sit down and work out the details, scene by scene and chapter by chapter for each of our POV characters. Once we have that down in a table, Catherine puts down the dialogue we’ve discussed. Then we work over that with Donald writing/editing the male voice and Catherine doing the female voice. Then we decide where we need more setting, sensory or whatever, make suggestions we both agree on and Catherine goes back and types it up. There is a lot of discussion and note taking before anything is ever written. Basically, we talk the book to death.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. LOL

  7. I am reading this right now and really enjoying it! Such a great twist on the shapeshifter mythology!

    • C.D. Hersh says:

      We’re so glad you’re enjoying the book, Jennette. Donald is the one who came up with the twist in shifting based on the Id, Ego and super ego, the three parts of our psyche. Enjoy the book.

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