Book review of the paranormal romance, The Promised One, by C.D. Hersh

Good morning (Alaska time) friends. This is the first book review I’ve done on my blog, so take it easy on me today. I’ve decided two things. No spoilers and I’m not going to bore you with long-winded opinions. I’ll let the excellence of a book do the talking. Here we go…


The Promised One—The Turning Stone Chronicles

Genre: Paranormal Romance

By: C.D. Hersh





In the wrong hands, the Turning Stone ring is a powerful weapon for evil. So, when homicide detective Alexi Jordan discovers her secret society mentor has been murdered and his magic ring stolen, she is forced to use her shape-shifting powers to catch the killer. By doing so, she risks the two most important things in her life—her badge and the man she loves.

Rhys Temple always knew his fiery cop partner and would-be-girlfriend, Alexi Jordan, had a few secrets. He considers that part of her charm. But when she changes into a man, he doesn’t find that as charming. He’ll keep her secret to keep her safe, but he’s not certain he can keep up a relationship—professional or personal.

Danny Shaw needs cash for the elaborate wedding his fiancée has planned, so he goes on a mugging spree. But when he kills a member of the secret society of Turning Stones, and steals a magic ring that gives him the power to shape shift, Shaw gets more than he bargained for.


A taste of one of my favorite scenes (page 109):


Reining in his rampaging emotions, he positioned himself in a window alcove within view of the room. An hour passed and a swarthy man about Alexi’s height, wearing a gray tee shirt and blue jeans, exited. His suspicions leapt like the ringer on a carnival bell. He committed the man’s face to memory. When he was out of sight, Rhys knocked on the room door.
“Alexi, it’s Rhys. Let me in.” When she didn’t answer, he pounded harder, raising his voice. “Open up, or I’ll kick in the door.”
My review:’
The starlet of this imaginative tale, Ms. Alexi Jordan, doesn’t know exactly who she is … or should I say, the extent of her incredible powers. Her uncle shields her from the truth to keep her safe from people who want to steal her talent or at least take full advantage of her. In fact, Alexi is more interested in being a cop. She lives for it.
Rhys Temple has an ego. A big one. Women adore him—with the exception of his sexy cop partner (Alexi). He’d do anything to love her.
Alexi and Rhys make a great team. When a string of murders hit close to home (I won’t spoil it for readers), the dynamic duo get to work. Only to discover strong feelings for each other. But the truth about Alexi’s history and her power is too much for a macho guy like Rhys to handle. Or is it?
My rating: 4.5 stars
This story flows beautifully. There’s a bit of everything for the paranormal lover. Including, a sometimes humorous struggle for dominance between Alexi and Rhys. Intelligently written and easy to read, I look forward to Book 2 in this series.


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