Stepping Up To Love Book Review…

4.5 Stars for Katie O’Boyle’s Stepping up to Love…

Life isn’t easy, and author Katie O’Boyle reminds us of that in her latest novel…




Stepping up to Love is a potent tale centered on the life of a young woman who eventually hits rock bottom. Alcoholism is something most readers can relate to as we get to know Manda. Our heroine loses much at first—and just when she thinks life can’t get any worse, her own special hero appears.

Joel, driven by compassion and perhaps his secret feelings for her, gives Manda a wonderful gift. Empathy.

Sometimes that’s all it takes to make a difference in someone’s life.

Ms. O’Boyle reminds us of the importance of “walking in someone else’s shoes.”

The author shares her knowledge of substance abuse and recovery without getting preachy or arrogant about it. That’s what makes this a special read.

We experience Manda’s recovery through her eyes … not the author’s.

And Joel makes it that much better.

This is a great addition to my library.


Where to find it…



2 thoughts on “Stepping Up To Love Book Review…

  1. Violetta, I am so honored by your review.:-) Katie O’Boyle

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