Book spotlight with romance author Lauren Linwood…

Please welcome the talented Ms. Lauren Linwood today. Her latest release, Outlaw Muse, is a terrific read… 




As a child, Lauren Linwood gathered her neighborhood friends together and made up stories for them to act out, her first venture into creating memorable characters. Following her passion for history and love of learning, she became a teacher who began writing on the side to maintain her sanity in a sea of teenage hormones.

Lauren’s novels focus on two of her favorite eras, medieval times and the American Old West. History is the backdrop that places her characters in extraordinary circumstances, where their intense desire and yearning for one another grows into the deep, tender, treasured gift of love.

Lauren, a native Texan, lives in a Dallas suburb with her family. An avid reader, moviegoer, and sports fan, she manages stress by alternating yoga with five mile walks. She is thinking about starting a support group for Pinterest and House Hunters addicts.


I’m sure you’d get dozens of members for the support group Lauren!

Here’s the hot cover for Outlaw Muse…




The blurb…

Separated from her twin during the Orphan Train selection, schoolmarm Serena Sullivan searched for her brother Bill over fifteen years. Just as she gets a lead on his whereabouts, she is railroaded by a crooked sheriff and set to hang for the murder of the sheriff’s best friend.

English playwright Daman Rutledge has come to the American West on business for his brother when he witnesses a woman about to be executed. On impulse he rescues the beautiful stranger and goes on the run with her. Along the way Daman finds the muse he’s been missing and loses his heart to the raven-haired beauty with haunting amber eyes.

As they try to outrun the long arm of the law, Daman seeks to prove Serena’s innocence before it’s too late.


Where to find it…

Thanks Lauren.

8 thoughts on “Book spotlight with romance author Lauren Linwood…

  1. Rachel says:

    Great spotlight! Can’t wait to read it, Lauren! 🙂

  2. Thanks for letting me stop by and share Outlaw Muse with your fans, Violetta!

  3. Intriguing storyline! I’m putting Outlaw Muse on my TBR list.

    Joanne 🙂

  4. Lauren, I’m so looking forward to reading Outlaw Muse. It’s just my kind of book! And I have time off in November and December.

    • Isn’t it nice to have a little time off, Collette? I love to curl up with my afghan and hot cup of tea and lose myself in a good book! Hope you have time to read all kinds of great books.

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