World crafting … a look into C.T. Green’s S.E.R.A. Files

Greetings all … happy holidays. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been pretty absent over the last two weeks. I’m pounding away on the keys. I’ve typed over 35,000 words in seven days. I have a BIG project underway. I look forward to sharing once its done. I’m thrilled to feature the creative mind of Ms. C.T. Green. Her world crafting ability is amazing and her collection of sexy short stories is so hot! Give her a big welcome…


C.T. Green smaller


The Supernatural Entity Recovery Agency germinated from an idea I had about a woman watching a man as she sits at a café. It raised a lot of questions: Who was the woman? Why was she observing this man? The idea she might be some sort of authoritarian figure appealed to me, especially because the guy she watched was very powerful. But, I didn’t want to do a standard ‘Federal Agent’ thing.

So,  my heroine Cate became a Fairy Godmother. Instead of a wand, she carried a badge and has the ability to deport from Earth any supernatural being who misbehaved – after granting them one wish.  Of course Cate and Gabriel’s romance had to have a happy ending. And as I finished it, another couple demanded their story be told.

I expanded the world of S.E.R.A. to incorporate paranormal partners for each Fairy Godmother. Elizabeth, my next heroine, was about to fall in love with a vampire she’d known for years and worked side by side with every day. As each story evolved I’ve added layers and played around with ‘paranormal stereotypes’, putting my own spin on werewolves, vampires, angels, and demons. I’ve added new creatures, both good and bad, but I’ve also tried to keep the rules of S.E.R.A. consistent. I wanted to create a world that was familiar, yet fresh and different. I’ve had a lot of fun with the series and hope those who read the stories do too!

The fab cover…

SERA Cover Volume 1


Where to find it…


Thanks for sharing your world crafting ideas C.T. I love this book.


8 thoughts on “World crafting … a look into C.T. Green’s S.E.R.A. Files

  1. maggie mundy says:

    Love the concept. The cover is great too.

  2. C.T. Green says:

    Thanks Maggie and thank you to Violetta for hosting me and for the lovely compliments from both lovely ladies.

  3. Intriguing cover and storylines. Best of luck with sales, C.T. 🙂

  4. sarahhegger says:

    This was such fun to read – smart, sexy and funny

  5. I’m really impressed by the concept – it’s so new and I’m excited to read more!

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