Interview and Book Spotlight with Romance Author Kathryn Le Veque…

Happy Friday boys and girls. I’m so excited to feature one of my favorite medieval romance authors, Ms. Kathryn Le Veque.  I’m amazed by her ability to produce stories at the speed of light–all of them exciting. Let’s get to know Ms. Le Veque…

K Le Veque

Kathryn Le Veque is one of Amazon’s top selling Historical Romance authors, consistently ranked in the top 100 authors of the genre. Kathryn is a dominant presence in the Medieval Romance category with several novels always in Amazon’s Top 100 rankings. If there’s a Medieval Romance list, chances are that Kathryn is on it!

Kathryn has been featured regularly on Kindle Nation, Coastal Conversations, Confessions of Romaholics, Goodreads, and a host of other blogs and websites highlighting her novels. Kathryn is an award-winning author and has legions of dedicated fans all over the world.

Kathryn’s Medieval Historicals have been called ‘detailed’, ‘highly romantic’, and ‘character-rich’.  She believes that total immersion in a time period is essential to creating the perfect story. More than that, she writes for both women AND men – an unusual crossover for a romance author – and Kathryn has many male readers who enjoy her stories because of the male perspective, the action, and the adventure.

Although Kathryn’s passion is her Medievals, she is very proficient at writing Contemporary Adventure Romances and one of her novels. “Fires of Autumn”, received over 50,000 downloads on Bookbub in a two day period. Additionally, one of her novels, “Lady of Heaven”, is currently being adapted into a screenplay.

Kathryn is the author of 45 novels and counting.

I’m clearing a book shelf for ALL your titles Kathryn.


What inspired you to become a writer?

I’ve always had a big imagination, even as a child. Sometimes it got me into trouble! I was always coming up with stories or plays –I was big on plays when I was about 7 – and then when I was about 13, I decided to type out a story on my mom’s old Remington typewriter. It was a space epic with hot blooded teenagers! And that’s where it started.

Are you a plotter or panster?

Plot, plot, plot. And then plot some more. And then let the story take its own twists and turns based on events and dialogue. But no matter what happens in the middle of the story, I always know how it’s going to start and end. That’s written in stone!

At what age did you write your first novel?

13 – a glorious effort in juvenile fantasy – “Journey to the Stars”.

Give us some background on your books/series. Share your favorite scene. Who’s your favorite hero/heroine?

Since I’ve got 46 of them, that gives me a lot of material to choose from! LOL! I would have to say that THE DARK ONE: DARK KNIGHT and THE WHITE LORD OF WELLESBOURNE are two of my favorites because they really exemplify the bonds between knights. Of course, they’re great romances, but they also emphasize the trust and friendship between men who have faced life and death together.  But the same thing goes for the DRAGONBLADE TRILOGY; nothing is stronger than the bonds between men who have killed with and for each other in battle.

One of my favorite scene, however, has to be in THE DARK ONE DARK KNIGHT when our hero, Gaston de Russe, comes to the bedside of his lady after she’s nearly died giving birth prematurely to twins.  To preface this scene, they’d had a fight and she stopped talking to him and committed herself to a convent. So Gaston receives word that she’s on her deathbed and when the most feared man in the kingdom comes to the convent to be at his lady’s bedside, he does something very unexpected – he breaks down. He shows is human side. I defy anyone to read that scene and not cry with him.  It’s truly touching.

As for my favorite hero/heroine, I’m really fond of all of them for different reasons, but I’d have to say that one of the sweetest pairs is Gaston and Remington. One of the sexiest pairs is Matthew and Alixandrea, and one of the wildest pairs is Kirk and Mara. They all have something different!

Any advice for mastering the art of writing a book/series?

Yes – educate yourself on the business of writing, and I mean the bones of how to write a novel. Learn your craft and be prepared well before you ever start a novel. ‘Anyone’ can write a book, but it takes a true craftsman to write a novel. There is a difference.

What’s your personal favorite out of all the novels you’ve penned? Why?

The White Lord of Wellesbourne. Because Matthew is my secret husband – he’s an amazing example of a true man!

When did you first realize you were a sensation with readers?

LOL!! When I started getting emails and comments from people who knew my characters better than I did! And also when people started doing fan art! That’s such an amazing feeling when you start to realize people really LIKE what you write. Wow!

What’s your most successful marketing strategy?

Bookbub. The best tool ever.  But… there is a caveat.  Your books must be priced low in order for it to work. It’s a GREAT tool.

What is the most romantic place you’ve ever been?

Chepstow Castle in Wales. Gorgeous scenery! You can let your imagination run wild there!

Name your favorite real-life or fictional hero… How have they influenced your life?

I’m not sure I really have one except for my father, my husband, and my brother. True and real men who live their lives righteously.  I have great role models.

Name your favorite books from childhood and adulthood.

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. My absolutely favorite of all time. Why? Because that man had a hell of an imagination. Mars colonized? Sheer genius!

What’s your astrological sign? Do you fit the characteristics associated with it? How?

Aries.  Because I am an A++++ Personality!! Don’t mess with the Ram! LOL!

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned from your journey as a writer?

I hate to say it, but it’s an easy one – be very, very careful who you trust.  Second lesson learned: Never, EVER respond or react to a negative review. Ever. Period.

Lightening Round

Favorite Color:  Pale green

Favorite Actor/Actress: Katharine Hepburn

Favorite Movie:  How Green was my Valley or The Lion in Winter

Favorite century and why?:  Thirteenth. Because a whole lot of stuff happened then!

Favorite Food: Anything greasy. There, I said it.

Least favorite vegetable: Raw onion!!! Gah!!!

First boyfriend/How old?/Why did you like him?:  Glenn. 5 years old. Because he had a big forehead.

Describe yourself in 5 words: Generous, intelligent, outgoing, methodical, open.

Love the movie choices and I’m with you on raw onion…


Ms. Le Veque’s latest novel, BLACK SWORD, is due out on March 3rd and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. 
Here’s the link for Black Sword:
Another amazing cover–I love swords…
Cover K Le Veque
The Excerpt:
1323 A.D. – Devlin de Bermingham, an Irish knight to the  core, is the bastard son of the Earl of Louth and the descendent of Irish kings.  He is also a strong proponent that the Irish should rule Irish lands. Rebelling  against his English overlord, the Earl of Kildare, he captures one of Kildare’s  castles south of Wicklow. Known as Black Sword, a rebel who is both admired and  feared, Devlin has set the events in motion for an enormous Irish revolt. Every  Norman settlement in Ireland is at risk because of Black Sword’s actions and the  stage is set.
The Lady Emllyn Fitzgerald is the sister of the Earl of  Kildare. When her brother sends his fleet to quell the uprising on his lands,  she stows away on one of the vessels in order to follow the object of her  affection, a strong young English knight sworn to her brother, into battle. It  is her intention to prove to the man she is worthy and brave enough to be his  wife, but she truly has no grasp of the seriousness of her folly. As the English  fleet makes landfall along the Wicklow coast, disaster strikes – Black Sword and  his army of Irish rebels are waiting for them. In a devastating night of blood  and mayhem, the English armada is destroyed and Lady Emllyn is taken a prize. 
Join Devlin and Emllyn as they embark upon a journey of a lifetime where both will face death, defeat, and disaster, but most terrifying of all, face  their growing feelings for one another in a world that would see them torn  apart. How is it possible for two people from two completely different worlds to  find a love so deep that it will see each of them make sacrifices for the other?  Will they be able to remain together or will politics and war keep them apart? 
Join the unforgettable adventure of a lifetime and experience what  lengths Devlin and Emllyn with go to in order to be with each other, lengths  that will transcend their loyalty to their own people and jeopardize their very  freedom.
For a love that was never meant to be, they will risk all. 
Where to connect with Ms. Le Veque…
See Kathryn’s fanpage on Facebook at

Join her on Twitter @kathrynleveque

Visit her website at

Thanks for visiting with us today Kathryn.

13 thoughts on “Interview and Book Spotlight with Romance Author Kathryn Le Veque…

  1. sarahhegger says:

    Nice to meet you, Kathryn, from a fellow plotter and medieval writer

  2. You, too, Sarah! Loved doing this for Violetta. She’s a doll! Very honored to be here!

  3. adriana koog says:

    I love Kathryn’s novels. They are all amazing!! Every time I read one of her books I dont want it to end. She is very very talented!!

  4. So great to read another interview with Kathryn and also to read on her newest novel Black Sword. Just waiting for release day!

  5. Sarah Shelkin says:

    Kathryn is amazing!! Amd she is my go to for knights in shinning armor. Sometimes they can be jerks but always come out being great guys. Cant wait for black sword !!! Only a few more days…
    Oh and her eye shadow is ALWAYS amazing 😉

  6. Sissie Cabe says:

    “The Queen of Medieval” strikes again I really enjoy her interviews, makes me feel like I know her just a little more every time..I can’t wait til “Black Sword” drops Kathryn in truly AMAZING!!!

  7. Scott says:

    It’s interesting to note that not all of Kathryn’s biggest fans are women romance readers. Some of us men have found that the action, political and court intrigue, strategies and bonding between knights draws us in as well. Her novels are a great read for anyone looking for historical fiction!

  8. Melba says:

    Great interview. I have read all of Kathryn ‘ s novels and haven’t been disappointed. I Am Anxiously Awaiting The Black Sword!

  9. marie says:

    kathryns is one of the most exciting writers . every one of her books pulls you in .great interview can not wait to read black sword…

  10. debbie mccreay says:

    Great Interview Kathryn! Book is out soon and I got wait.

  11. Jo says:

    Great interview!! I love learning more about how authors plot their books and feel about their characters. While I’ve only read 6 of Kathryn’s books they have all been 5 star reads! I am quickly making my was through her entire collection 😀

  12. Nicole Laverdure says:

    This was a beautiful interview with Kathryn! I adore her books, they are filled with with passion and adventure. Her characters are rich in colors.
    She is also my #1 writer for medievals stories, in fact , I think I am addicted to them.

  13. Debbie says:

    Kathryn LeVeque’s novels touch the soul! She weaves together the characters, the intrigue, and the romance perfectly. If you are a fan of historical and medieval romance, you MUST read and get swept away with her novels!

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