Review of Regency author Regan Walker’s latest release–Wind Raven…

Five fun stars…


Wind Raven


Once again I’m drawn into the Regency world author Regan Walker so carefully presents in the third book of her Agents of the Crown series.

The heroine, Tara McConnell, is possessed of a fiery independent spirit who resists all the societal expectations of a lady.

The hero, Nick Powell, is everything I expect a ship captain to be–arrogant and confident, yet vulnerable when he’s honest about his feelings for Tara.

Ms. Walker takes us on a high seas adventure filled with conflict, passion, and eventually love.

A very good read.


A sneak peek…


“You wished to speak to me, Captain?” Tara tried to remain calm, but being alone with the man who had kissed her twice was, to say the least, disconcerting. She tried not to look at his bed. He leaned against his desk, crossing one booted foot over the other. The sight of his black hair tousled by the wind and his golden eyes framed by his dark eyebrows scattered her thoughts.

“I want you below decks and in your cabin when the storm hits, Miss McConnell. You might even want to tie yourself to the bed so you’re not tossed to the deck. It’s going to be rough.”

“This isn’t my first storm, Captain.” Surely the man must know by now that she could pull her own weight with the crew.

“Perhaps not, but it’s your first storm aboard my ship, and I’ll not be taking any chances with your safety. Is that clear?”

“Perfectly.” He was staring at her as if he wanted to say something more but then shrugged and pushed away from his desk. A sudden lurch of the ship brought her careening into his chest. He steadied her with his hands on her upper arms and, for a moment, stared into her eyes, then at her lips.

Instead of letting her go, he drew her more tightly against his chest, his golden eyes boring into hers. “I don’t seem to be able to resist you this close, Miss McConnell.” She felt the heat between them as he bent his head and kissed her, a kiss as fierce as the storm she knew was fast approaching…

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4 thoughts on “Review of Regency author Regan Walker’s latest release–Wind Raven…

  1. I’m so looking forward to reading this, Regan. It is literally at the top of my reading list for the summer. School is out in 10 days (whoo hoo) and I’ll be able to get some real reading in again.

    • reganwalker says:

      Oooo, very nice, Collette! You write unusual Regencies so I’ll be anxious to know what you think. Thanks for reading it!

  2. reganwalker says:

    Thanks so much Violetta for the review! I am so glad you liked my seafaring romance!

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