Marketing plan for new authors…

Greetings boys and girls. I’ve been in the writers cave for weeks now. Feels great to come out for a few days. As of late, I’ve noted several new authors asking about what tools are available for marketing a new book. Mind you, these suggestions are mainly for writers with small publishers/self published and limited budgets. Please feel free to add to the list, this is always a work in progress…




1. Social media monster — Facebook and Twitter are in my arsenal. Connect with other authors and help promote their work. Connect with readers, so great to talk to anyone who loves to read. Don’t forget about Facebook promo or parties. Lots of people love this option–do giveaways or contests. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Tweet interesting things, lines from your book or share tweets about upcoming releases/events from other authors.


2. Create an author website and/or blog — I do both. I reserve my author site to discuss things related to my projects. My blog is mainly used to conduct interviews, reviews, discussions related to writing, and anything else of interest. Reach out to the writing community–readers, authors, blog hosts, reviewers, agents, and publishers.


3. Virtual Book Tours — There’s so many reputable companies out there. But I see this as an essential tool for writers with limited budgets. It’s a great way to be featured on blog sites. I usually request a mixed tour that utilizes reviews, excerpts, and interviews.


4. Local marketing strategy — Don’t underestimate the power of homegrown support. If you’re not signed with a big publisher or you’re strictly ePub, arrange for local bookstores to host a signing event or submit your info to your local paper. People enjoy supporting local talent.


5. Goodreads — Create an author profile, list your books, find friends, review books, and everything will take off from there.


6. Stroke of genius — An author I know went to Best Buy and adjusted all the computer screens to show her latest book cover/listing, took pictures, then left. Made me giggle.


7. The devils you know — Ask friends and family to spread the word. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.


8. Get creative — If you’re marketing savvy, please share any secrets you have.


Thanks for stopping in today! Good luck.


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