Interview and book spotlight with romance author Victoria Vane…

I’m pleased to welcome back one of my friends and literary mentors, Victoria Vane. Not only does she write hot historicals, we can now add sizzling cowboys to her list. Her first hot contemporary cowboy romance releases in November 2014.





Tell us a little about your writing career.


I began writing in 2008 as a creative outlet from a stifling job. I had never written anything before but since I am history junkie, horse lover, and a romantic at heart, my first novel combined all of these elements. THE HIGHEST STAKES (written as Emery Lee) is story of star-crossed lovers set in the world of 18th century horseracing. I didn’t have any plan at all after finishing the book but was lucky enough to find a home for it six week after completing it. My debut was published by Sourcebooks in April 2010. Since then I have written twelve historical romances (6 novels and 6 novellas), and am now taking the plunge into contemporary romance with seven hot contemporary romance (4 novels coming from Sourcebooks and and 3 novellas from Kensington).


What inspired you to write about hot cowboys?

I really had never imagined myself ever writing a contemporary story at all as I didn’t think I had the right writing voice for it, but after two years of prodding by a good friend and beta reader, I decided to give it a try. She and I then spent weeks brainstorming ideas that never went anywhere. I was looking at the most popular book but the billionaire playboy heroes just didn’t do it at all for me. I then asked myself what kind of contemporary hero I related best to, and the answer was cowboys. I’ve always loved them since I was a little girl- The Lone Ranger, Bonanza, Gun Smoke, The Big Valley. I grew up on old Westerns. Even my first crush was a cowboy. I named my hero in SLOW HAND after him.


As an established historical romance author, was it difficult writing in a new genre?

I thought it would be, but it really wasn’t. Interestingly, I used exactly the same approach to my story. I wanted an authentic feel to it so I applied myself to research in the same way. I tried to learn as much as I could about the cattle industry and all of the challenges of modern day ranching.

I also deeply explored the rodeo and bull riding worlds by talking with a number of professional cowboys and stock contractors. This is what really brought my stories to life.


As far as the writing voice goes, my stories are character driven to begin with, so I just gave those “voices” free rein.





Share your favorite scene from Slow Hand…

I have so many favorites! There is so much sexy and playful banter between Nikki and Wade. Here’s a snippet:


Nikki grinned. “I take it you’re not a card-carrying member of the Green Party?”

“No.” His gaze narrowed and brows pulled into a frown. “You’re not one of them I hope.”

“Who me?” Nikki shook her head. “No, sir-ee, I’m a live-and-let-live Libertarian and a longtime omnivore. My grandparents had a chicken farm in Lavonia. I betcha didn’t know Georgia is the country’s biggest chicken producer.”

“No, ma’am.” His shoulders visibly relaxed. “I didn’t, but then I’m not a big chicken fan myself.”

She let her gaze travel over him in a slow appreciation of his tall, lean, muscular frame. She guessed he stood at least six-three in his boots. “I suppose not,” she said. “It would be only prime grass-fed beef and Idaho potatoes for you.”

He crossed his arms over his broad chest and leaned on the door frame studying her. “Miz Powell, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were undressing me with those pretty blue-green eyes of yours.”

A guilty flush infused her face but she refused to give him the advantage. She opted for a strong offense instead. “So what if I was? Weren’t you quite fixated on my ass at Denver airport?”

He raised a sandy eyebrow. “You noticed that, eh?” His confession came with a shameless grin attached.

She jutted her chin. “Quid pro quo, Counselor. What do you say to that?”

He approached her slowly, the smile in his eyes transforming in a blink to a wicked gleam. A gleam that promised very bad things. His reply sent a warning signal to every nerve in her body. “I’d say, why just use your eyes?”


Is it necessary to write in more than one romance genre in order to stay competitive in this tough market? If so, why?


No, I don’t think it’s necessary at all. I believe every writer just has to discover what they do best and sometimes that takes a while. After thirteen historicals, I’ve now jumped into contemporary romance with both feet. I hope that readers will like these stories. If they do, I’ll keep writing them. If they don’t, I’ll return to my geeky little history loving roots. Either way, I do still plan to write more historicals—if only because I love them.


Any advice for new writers?

Write what you are passionate about because the passion will come through. And don’t ever be afraid to take chances and try new things.


The lovely cover…


Slow Hand



Check out the amazing video…



Slow Hand is available for preorder…


Thanks for stopping by today Victoria, love this story!

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