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I’m thrilled to have bestselling author B.J. Scott here today discussing what romance is… 




What is romance? It can mean different things depending on who is describing it. Romance can be an actual connection and the development of a relationship between two people or it can be the passion for a cause, an ideology or event.

When I looked up the definition, this is what I found:

 c.1300, a story, written or recited, of the adventures of a knight, hero, etc. tales of chivalric adventures full of marvelous incidents and heroic deeds.

A novel or other prose narrative depicting heroic or marvelous deeds, pageantry, romantic exploits, passion, love etc., usually in a historical or imaginary setting.

In traditional literary terms, ROMANCE is a narration of the extraordinary exploits of heroes, often in exotic or mysterious settings. Most of the stories of King Arthur and his knights are romances.

The term romance has also been used for stories of mysterious adventures, not necessarily of heroes. Like the heroic kind of romance, however, these adventure romances usually are set in distant places. William Shakespeare ‘s play The Tempest is this kind of romance.

  1. A novel or other prose narrative depicting heroic or marvelous deeds, pageantry, romantic exploits, etc., usually in a historical or imaginary setting.
  2. The colorful world, life, or conditions depicted in such tales.
  3. A medieval narrative, originally one in verse and in some Romance dialect, treating of heroic, fantastic, or supernatural events, often in the form of allegory.
  4. A baseless, made-up story, usually full of exaggeration or fanciful invention.
  5. A romantic spirit, sentiment, emotion, or desire.
  6. Romantic character or quality.
  7. A romantic affair or experience; a love affair.


Definitions Borrowed from:


Today those basic principles continue in movies and books. Perhaps more now than ever, people are looking for an escape from reality and the stress of day to day life. They want to lose themselves in another time or place and often live vicariously through the characters in a book. If an author can do this for a reader, even if it is only for a short time, then they have done their job.

Because readers are seldom satisfied when a book or movie ends, craving more, it is very common for romances novels to be published in a series. Most publishing houses have set standards for their romance novels and they must always end in a ‘Happily-ever-after.’

A romance novel can be sweet and tender or turbulent and full of angst, but the end result is the same—a mutually satisfying physical and emotional relationship that can endure whatever fate throws in its path. Love that can stand the test of time. The heat level is dictated by the storyline, the target readership and the maturity of the characters.

If you write about what you know and love, it shines through. I write historical romance. It fulfills my passion for history—especially anything Scottish or Celtic and it doesn’t hurt that I am a sucker for a happy ending.


The beautiful cover for B.J.’s latest release, Her Highlander’s Promise…

BJ Scott


About to turn eighteen, and in accordance with her father’s deathbed decree, Laurel MacClay prepares to take her place as lairdess of her beloved Highland clan, but her guardians—her father’s cousin and his vindictive, power-hungry wife— have other plans, ones that include a betrothal to their son and a devious plot that puts Laurel in danger.

Refusing to accept that fate has condemned her to a life of misery, Laurel finds new hope when she reunites with Blair Cameron, a handsome young Highlander who when they were children promised to marry her as soon as they came of age. Can Blair help Laurel unravel a mystery from the past, secrets that could stop the wedding, or will she find herself wed to her arrogant, weak-willed cousin, a spineless man who refuses to defy his mother?



Where to connect with Ms. Scott and find her books…

Fraser Brother Trilogy

Three brothers, fierce Highland warriors, each very different from the next, yet all fighting for Scotland’s independence and three spirited Highland woman who conquer their hearts.

Her Highlander’s Promise.

A tale of romance, first love, coming of age and good vs evil. Torn between a deathbed promise to her father and following her heart’s desire, Laurel MacClay unravels a mystery from the past, secrets that could lead to her utter demise.




6 thoughts on “Guest blog by bestselling romance author B.J. Scott…

  1. B.J. Scott says:

    Thanks for hosting me Violetta!

  2. I can feel the passion all the way from the description! Awesome cover to Her Highlander’s Promise. Wishing you every success…

  3. I always love B.J’s books1

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