Wanted by the Warrior, Eternal Flame Part One–A Viking fantasy romance by Violetta Rand…

I took the leap and self-pubbed my first project, Wanted by a Warrior, Eternal Flame Part One.

(Released November 15, 2014 on Amazon.)


Here’s the hot cover…

Wanted by the Warrior Final (large) copy

In a land where vendettas and magic separate the north and south, forbidden love is brewing between two ancient rivals…

Lady Sophia Camerot desperately tries to behave, but simply can’t follow the rules. After a stranger saves her life, she suspects her champion is from another place. And to make matters worse, despite the political ramifications of her refusal to marry the man her father handpicked, she prays for another chance meeting with her hero.

Prince Victor Allain is the notorious heir to the Solfine throne, the last line of defense against an envious world that wants nothing more than to purge Europe of pagans.

Unable to resist his attraction for Sophia, he risks everything to possess her.

Hunted by enemies for breaking the law, Victor and Sophia must outmaneuver their rivals to protect Victor’s country from destructive alliances.

The excerpt…

He swept her into his arms. “I’m suffering, Sophia.” He thumped his chest. “Being apart is like a slow torturous death.”

She kissed his cheeks, gripping his shoulders. “We’ve only tonight to consider.”

His father called for a special meeting. Dignitaries from the farthest reaches of Solfine had been arriving for the last two days, chomping at the bit to have a look at Sophia. An informal conversation with our honored guest. The king might consider it such, but Victor knew it would be more like an inquisition. Men who hated his father would resist—charge Sophia with crimes—demand she be executed or sold into slavery.

“How could they possibly find fault in you?” He gazed into her eyes, losing himself.

“Do you think they will?”

“Aye, if hatred dominates their hearts.” Victor’s family counted more allies than enemies amongst the nobles. Although the power to choose Sophia’s fate ultimately rested with his father, unrest in the outlands could lead to war. “Listen to me.” He framed her face with both hands. “You must be vigilant.” He gave her a gentle shake for emphasis. “My country is no different than yours. Men thirst for power and influence. You represent something that reminds some of a dark past they’d sooner forget. Do you understand?”



“Of me?”

He nodded. “Our laws forbid southerners from crossing the border unless you are in chains.”

“The slave market?”

He frowned.

“I remember that creature mentioning it. He threatened to sell me.”

Curse the Elani. Victor preferred she had never heard those words. “Who marked your doorway?”

She grinned. “The ladies said one of the captains is responsible. I believe it’s meant to bless me—some sort of charm for good fortune.”

Petty women. He’d put an immediate stop to their lies. “I will return before the midday meal.” Spinning on his heels, he strode away, damning his manhood—one look or touch from her earned him a blasted erection that would last for hours.


Where to find the book…


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