Fated to be together–the undeniable connection between a hero and heroine… By: B.J. Scott

Welcome back boys and girls–I hope all enjoyed a blessed holiday season. With the new year approaching, I thought it best to reflect on what we look for in our heroes and heroines, that special moment when fate intervenes so our favorite couples eventually find love.

I’m thrilled to have bestselling romance author B.J. Scott here today…

In a romance novel, no matter what the genre, it’s all about that special connection shared between the hero and heroine, that pivotal moment when the reader realizes that two people are destined to be together. Romance drives the story.


One of the most popular connections many authors utilize when crafting a romance novel are the star-crossed lovers; the couple least likely to be together. A hero and heroine who must overcome the odds and obstacles thrown in their path—be they inner conflicts or actual physical deterrents. If you look at famous couples in literature, Romeo and Juliet, Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre, Maria and Tony (in West Side Story) to name a few, they were forced to face what seemed like insurmountable odds to be together.

In my first novel, Highland Legacy, we meet Cailin MacMillan, a young spirited lass who has been promised in marriage to a man she does not love. When her father refuses to listen to reason, she attempts to run away, quickly learning the dangers of being a woman alone during this turbulent time in Scottish history. When she is accosted by English soldiers, Connor Fraser, a Scottish patriot who has dedicated his life to king and country, comes to the rescue. Despite his vow never to marry, he is immediately captivated by the beguiling Cailin and despite several attempts to put some distance between them, fate intervenes.

blue rose

When asked what moment in a book or movie has stuck with me, I recall a scene from Gone with the Wind. After speaking to Ashley and declaring her love, Scarlett O’Hara is told he plans to go through with his marriage to Melanie. Angry, Scarlett throws a porcelain figurine at the fireplace, missing Rhett Butler, but capturing the rogue’s attention. Until this moment, Rhett failed to announce his presence in the room while Ashley and Scarlett argued.


From that moment on, we know Rhett and Scarlett are destined to be together.

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  1. […] Fated to be together–the undeniable connection between a hero and heroine… By: B.J. Scot…. […]

  2. B.J. Scott says:

    Thanks for hosting me on your blog Violetta!

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